Thursday, 15 October 2009

Take me back to Antwerp

Am off work today with a nasty migraine, but unfortunately this is no excuse for not doing the things I urgently need to do.
If you are a procrastinator like me then you will understand how challenging it actually is to work from home. There's the TV and the siren call of the Sky + box, there's access to the internet without anyone to breathe over my shoulder and scowl disapprovingly over my constant window shopping on net a porter, topshop, asos and ebay or stop me from reading the hundreds of blogs I have become addicted to.
Susie over at Style Bubble has been making me feel particulalry green with envy today, thanks mainly to her recent trip to Antwerp, one of my favourite shopping cities.
Last time I was there with the boy we had great fun being intimidated in the Yohji Yamamoto store, lusting over the gloves in Huis A Boon, chatting to the black-clad shop assistants smoking outside Ann Demeulemeester and meeting some really friendly people who invited us to a party in a loft where someone had built a series of garden sheds for students to live in.
And then there were the lovely vintage shops, antique furniture shops, the photography museum and lots and lots of Martin Margiela who seems to be a big favourite with the Antwerpians.
But the most amazing thing about Antwerp is it is in possibly the most boring country in the world - Belgium. I never really thought Belgium had all that much going for it (aside from the chocolates and the waffles). Maybe Antwerp is so good because your expectations are so low, but it really is a very nice place with some serious style going on. I would so much rather be there than here right now.
Next month I'm, heading off to Berlin on a whirlwind visit to Little Miss Where Am I who has promised that I will be blown away by the vintage shops. Am almost giddy with excitement just thinking about it.
Now, back to work or I will be in big trouble when deadline day rolls around on Monday...

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