Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's been a long, long week

I have had not time to enjoy the finer things in life - like online window shopping, jewellery lust and cashmere sample sales. Much too busy. And tired. And worried.
Well, I hadn't had time til last night, my first free evening in ages which I chose to spend not getting the early night I so desperately needed and catching up with the new series of Gossip Girl (yes, I know this is a bad thing to enjoy, but I do, so go and judge your own trashy tv habits).
Nope, instead I went straight to the TSE sample sale after work in hope of finding two of my favourite things under one roof - cashmere and bargains.
So was it worth it? Well, sort of. Actually yes it was. Because despite everything still being quite pricey for a poor person like me, I came out with the Most Amazing Scarf Ever. It is the kind of scarf that makes you wish it was colder than it actually is so you can justify wearing it (of course I wore it today anyway). It was beyond my budget - reduced from £560 (really? someone would pay £560 for a scarf?!?) to £79 - still an awful lot of money for a scarf. I only gave myself a £50 budget and was supposed to be looking for a cashmere cardigan, which I found. But then there was the scarf.
To be fair, it is HUGE. And it has pockets. It's like wearing your duvet when you leave the house if your duvet was made of the softest chunkiest cashmere wool mix imagineable. With pockets. I get super cold hands, even in Summer, so I am in love with the pockets.
There is only one problem with it - it is brown. I am not a brown person. The only time that I find brown acceptable is on leather products. Otherwise, just no. No no no. Also brown does not really go that well with black, and I love black, so what is the point?
But the scarf is brown. So I have made an exception. But if anyone can recommend a way of dying brown cashmere black - without any risk of shrinkage or bobbling or leaving black stains on everything I wear it with afterwards - I would be eternally grateful.

1 comment:

  1. no cashmere dying tips, but...
    1) need photo of pocket scarf beast. sounds incredible.
    2) bring pocket scarf beast to berlin. this weather BEGS for it.
    3) unrelated matter. found vintage fur stole (double collared!!) in schoneberg second hand store that i am dying for. in order to purchase it, i will not be be able to eat/drink for 24 hours+, yet i want it. i need it. i need a second opinion. in these matters, you are the only one i trust. please hurry.