Monday, 5 October 2009

Paris s/s2010 ready to wear - Viktor & Rolf

OK, yes I am super jealous of all the bloggers in Paris (not to mention the people who actually get paid to be there for work!). And yes, I've been slightly ignoring all the shows so as not to make myself feel too blue. But some things are not ignorable.
Viktor & Rolf! I love these men - completely crazy but also stunningly, showstoppingly beautiful clothes.

You have to love designers whose approach to recession chic is to make literal cutbacks in their clothes.

Yes, these pictures have been all over the place, but there were also some really lovely slightly more wearable pieces that you might have missed.
Aside from that Swiss cheese inspired red dress, the palette was soft teal greens, dusky greys, faded lilacs and a whole plethora of gentle nudes. Yum yum yum. Like the fashion-forward macaroons of my dreams. As always, you can see it all on

Frankly, I really don't care what Lindsay Lohan did at Ungaro, a label that hasn't been worth watching for a few seasons now. So thank god that Viktor & Rolf produced something dramatic enough to keep the attention of the newspaper picture editors - it's extra gratifying when the fashion week coverage is about the clothes rather than the 'celebrities'.

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