Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fashion's Night Out returns and The Red Shoes

I am unduly excited about the news that the Fashion's Night Out event was so successful that Vogue is doing it again. The last one was rather a lot of fun, despite the snooty sales people in Stella McCartney who wouldn't let me take any pictures.
I have never met so many amazing designers in one night plus I discovered that Rupert Sanderson and I share a favourite film - The Red Shoes.

He was a very nice man. As was Christopher Kane who humoured my star struck trying-to-be-a-proper-journalist questions when he obvioulsy just wanted to be left alone to enjoy the evening. And Osman Yousefzada was truly, truly lovely, going as far as to invite me to his LFW show the week after. (Which I couldn't go to. Gutted is not the word.)
Browns felt like an insiders party for the serious London fashion set, while Tod's felt more like a night in Mahiki (but generally better dressed). It was just generally good.
Now I know what to expect, I will plan better for the next one and get there early enough to meet the Voguers and loads of the other deisgners that I just missed. I just hope that the numbers don't swell too much, because if too many punters turn up it will be a horrid seething mass of star spotters and woo girls.

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