Wednesday, 14 October 2009


So, I have now got my camera, charged up the battery, turned it on and realised I don't really have a clue about taking pictures.
Also the lighting in our house is the kind of lighting that older women love - i.e. soft and quite low. Not conducive for taking good quality images of my new silver and black knitted jacket of amazingness. But anyway, here are some of the pictures I promised, and you can see all my rubbish experiments with various mirrors and lighting arrangements.
Um, actually apparently I have to install the camera software first...
Ok, maybe now it will work!

So, this is my teeny tiny doctors bag. I love it. It's like a really classy tardis - you would seriously be shocked at how small it is and how much I can fit into it. I have asked mum to model it so you can get some idea of the scale...

(Think that's project runway on in the background - love that Heidi Klum always gets it slightly wrong with her own outfits but sits in judgement on all these people...)

And here is the shiny, warm, soft, fluffy, £3 jacket of amazingness which is actually warmer than my coat... which is good because it's too chunky to fit under it even though the coat is technically about two sizes too big for me but is APC so I love it.

This was difficult to photograph well and doesn't really look like much but every time I have worn it people want to know where it's from or touch it or hug me.

So there you go. I know I still owe you a picture of the Jill Sander for Uniqlo coat, but frankly that is beyond me right now.

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