Sunday, 11 October 2009


Yes, I am aware that to have a successful blog you do need to post regularly. As in more than once in five days. But I have been paralysed by the sheer number of things I need to get done.
Am organising a charity gig, working four days a week for the trade magazine, having hospital appointments, visiting an elderly sick relative, writing a freelance piece for this, guest blogging here and also applying for a masters degree at a university that is exceedingly difficult to get into.
Any of these would be stressful on their own but trying to do them all at the same time is driving me a bit mental. Suffice to say, I am very much looking forward to having met my deadlines and craving a proper nights sleep. And spending more time with the boy. And visiting little miss where am I. Which is going to be amazing.
And then I will be able to blog properly.
I have, however, managed to buy my camera. It is a thing of loveliness and it is almost impossible to take a bad photo with it. Actually, I lie, I didn't buy it. I gave the boy some money to go and buy it for me. But either way this means that I will actually be able to post the pictures I have promised when I can find a spare minute. And I will also be able to post up a picture of this weekend's big car boot sale bargain - an amazing black and silver chunky knitted cardigan.

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  1. photo request: doctors bag. i believe it to be a must see