Sunday, 25 October 2009

As seen on Style Bubble - Eight London

Style Bubble is just one of the long list of style and fashion blogs to which I have become addicted, although to be honest I don't share Susie's taste. However every now and again she posts something I really adore, like I Heart Norwegian Wood's halters and cage skirts (which are coming to Topshop as part of the next EDIT drop - be still my beating heart).

And today I fell in love, yes actual love, with her latest discovery Eight London whose ten look collection is basically my ideal wardrobe. Well, the core of my ideal wardrobe anyway - anyone who has actually seen my wardrobe will know that I could never stick to such a small selection.

Every piece is made to order, and I haven't got that kind of money right now so I can't order anything to vouch for its quality. A lot of the pieces are silk which can be difficult to wear. But really, these kind of practical things are what I tell myself when I really want something that I can't have.

I'm also a big fan of their super minimalist web site design which is the perfect showcase for their beautifully cut clothes...

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