Saturday, 3 October 2009

Jil Sander for Uniqlo - the verdict

Frankly, I was disappointed.
Got there super early on launch day with a special invite to shop before everyone else and it was pretty busy (not like Stella McCartney for H&M though, that was insane).
I don't usually go in for high-street designer collaborations because they never really offer anything worth having. But all the interviews with Sander where she was going on about quality, cut and fit and pictures of some rather tasty looking classic coats made me feel a bit excited.
I put my optimists hat on and got up an hour early to make sure I wouldn't be too late for work.
So it was super disappointing to find that the quality of the clothes was really not up to scratch. The cut was fine, and the designs really classic, but the fabric choices let it all down; the overcoats were in this really ugly, cheap and fluffy wool mix. A lot of the materials just felt very thin, especially for an autumn/winter range.
However, we did come away with one really amazing piece - a heavy wool black tailcoat-style winter coat with super sharp shoulders and really interesting detailing. Pic to follow.

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