Friday, 23 October 2009


Today I spent more than £20 on cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery and cheese from La Cave a Fromage and I am eating the whole lot on my own under my duvet on the sofa while watching The Princess Bride. I have been in bed for the entire afternoon. Plus am swathed in cashmere - men's Liberty cashmere jumper from sample sale and the brown TSE scarf...

Marie Antoinette ain't got nothing on me. (I couldn't help it - I ate one before I remembered to take a picture. Also don't ask to see the cheese, it's gone.)

Also have been watching really, really bad TV. But Kelly Osborne on Dancing with the Stars, um, what?? There are levels that are too low even for me.

p.s. here's what I wore to our big family reunion on Sunday which would have been really nice if I hadn't been ill and stressed...

The perfect Breton-style T from Margaret Howell, £3 jumble sale skirt, Liz Clairborne belt (50p charity shop bargain), holey Primark cardigan - this really is old as anyone who knows me knows I no longer shop in that horrible pit of seething crassness.
Also Falke tights which are amazing because although they cost more than any of the clothes in this picture they never run and have lasted me almost a year now.
Plus my favourite Topshop lace up shoes (they're called Shallow, which makes them even better I think). Couldn't get them in shot so here's a pic courtesy of the Topshop website...

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