Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Project Runway live blog

This s my first attempt at live blogging and is dedicated to EDF because she doesn't have a TV. PR starts in half an hour... half watching The Simpsons at the moment which is sadly lacking in any real fashion personalities. Although Marge could be a weird kind of fashion icon with that hair and those pearls.

OK here we go. first the re-cap from last week which saw the contestants teamed up in twos to create two blue outfits. Irina, possibly the most normal contestant, won.

Obligatory in the contestants flats establishing shots. Yada yada, who cares how important this is to you? Get on with it already.

Here comes Heidi wearing a navy blue sack with interesting shoulders - for once she doesn't look cheap. Surprise of the week - new models, real women all in their wedding dresses! Ooh, they're all recently divorced and want to turn these wedding dresses into 'hip, cool, oufits' says Klum.

20.05 Irina gets to chose her model first. She goes for one of the ones with the most fabric. Hah! Shirin gets last and looks completely gutted - 'I've got nothing to work with'. She has an annoying face anyway.

20.07 Here comes Tim, I love Tim. It's a one day challenge. All that white polyester in one room - surely a fire hazard???

20.08 And here come the women with loads if ridiculous demands - one only wants to use animal friendly fabrics so no leather, wool, etc... um, what? Another one want a cher costume! amazing.

20.10 Adverts - OMG Derek Acorah is going to do a live seance to try and contact Michael Jackson!!! Yes, that warrants three exclamation marks.

20.14 Aaaaaand we're back. Designers have a budget of $25 and can get up to 2 yards of fabric plus anything else. "Get in there and get something because it has to work, there is no excuses", says Epperson, one of my favourite designers of the series thus far. Even though he has dreads and doesn't rely make anything I want to wear. He's good but not really my style.

20.16 Irina spouts some bollocks about re-inventing your wedding dress being sort of empowering. One of the designers is a divorcee with kids and here comes the emotional phone call home... I hate when they show that on these shows, its nothing to do with anything. Shirin is struggling.

20.19 And here's Tim again. Everyone is stressed. Lots of people are dying the fabric. Christopher is making Tim worried - he's struggled recently. He loves Irina's colours - "I think what you're doing is very exciting". Epperson isn't using enough of the wedding dress. Ditto the hot one (his name is Logan).
Gordana is doing something nice and has dyed hers dove grey. Shirin is crying next to Tim Gunn - "it's bad".

20.24 Here come the divorcees for their fitting. Epperson is starting over and his client loves it. Lots of giggling women. Actually starting to feel sorry for Shirin, she has the client from hell. And we're back to the adverts.

20.28 Alexandra Burke album - that's a discussion for later I think. 20.30 Also these skincare adverts where models pretend to have spots are hugely annoying.

20.32 The designers are doing their hair and make up in the morning. Getting psyched up for the runway.

20.32 Logan is worried about even finishing his outfit. Epperson is lacking confidence. There are other designers too but they aren't getting any screen time. Hmmmmm...

20.33 Carol Hannah's client loves her dress, as do most of the other women. Shirin's client is being uber demanding and wants her dress shorter among other things. Christopher's client doesn't want to look like a grandma - she doesn't. Nicolas thinks his outfit is one of the most hideous things he's ever made- his client, animal rights crazy lady, loves it.

20.35 Tim calls ten minutes til runway. More of Epperson. Seriously, there are other poeple. Logan thinks his look is a disaster. Irena thinks his "pants look so bad."

20.37 And heeeeere's Heidi. WTF is she wearing? All the other judges are in head to toe black and include Tamara Mellon whose upcoming H&M collection is heinous.

20.37 Catwalk. Shrin's dress looks like something from Debenhams Debut collection. Logan's clothes fit badly. Carol Hannah's is lovely. Althea (who has had like no screen time) is boring. Nicolas' outfit really suits its wearer, enough said. Am actually amazed at what Gordana has pulled out, it's a lovely grey dress. Christopher's dress looks sadly cheap. Epperson's is like a boring Vivienne Westwood dress.

20.40 Carol Hannah, Nicolas and Althea are safe.

20.41 Judges love Gordana's outfit, rightly so. She only used the lining of the wedding dress. Client loves it too.
Christopher said he was trying to make something "chic" but designers are worried his actress client might be on the worst dressed list, kind of agree. She looks like tin foil says Michael Kors.
Epperson's reminds Heidi of the Oktoberfest, and another judge of a pirate outfit.
Tamara loves Shirin's dress, Shirin looks visibly relieved. Client says its a little safe for her and might shorten it. Judges like it overall.

20.44 Heidi HATES Logan's outfit. "It's very amateur" say judges - ouchy! It does fit seriously badly.
Irina impresses everyone again with an expensive looking, age appropriate dress (lacey and boring). And more adverts...

20.50 And we're back. Judges discuss. Can't get over Heidi's bad outfit choice - it's for a woman at least ten years older than her. They love Irina again. Blah blah blah. They seriously hate Logan's outfit and Christopher's looked like "a metallic garbage bag."

20.53 Shirin is in. Gordana wins! Great dress - would have been way better without the boots though. Irina is safe, she looks smug.

20.54 Christopher is in! Oh no! His was the worst. Now it's down to the two Ocktoberfest outfits. Logan's outfit left Heidi speechless apparently. He's totally going. No! He's in - shock decision! Judges loved Epperson in last few episodes. I totally would have sent Christopher home.

20.56 Epperson gives the obigatory "I learnt a lot, I still feel like a winner" speech.

20.56 Preview of next episode - their designing something for a grammy award winning singer, exciting.  And it's over...

Here are the outfits;





Carol Hannah





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