Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bad News Bears... and a not-so-serious issue

Yes, things have been bad for the fashion industry recently. Last month Versace announced it was cutting hundreds of staff and closing its branches in Japan. Chanel, of all houses, has made cuts and Lacroix has gone under. And now Luella's backer has anadoned her, her manufacturer has gone bust leaving S/S10 orders unmade, and the company that represented so much of why the fashion world was starting to both enjoy London's joie de vivre and also take it seriously, is basically up the shitter. Sad times.
If I was one of those big time lottery winners I would totally back the company myself, even though her clothes never seem to fit me quite right.

But through all this doom and gloom there is one weighty but much less important issue that has dominated my fashion thoughts this season. To snood or not to snood.

I have historically been very against the snood. But I love fashion, and fashion is fickle. It has also not favoured the snood for a while now. However in one of those weird moments of fashion synchronicity, suddenly everyone is doing them. And I find myself craving them.
Thankfully Fashion Time has collated a load of runway looks featuring fur and faux fur snoods so I don't have to spend hours trying to do it myself... I know how annoying it is when bloggers steal your content so here's just one of the series - visit Fashion Time to see the snood work the runway in all its furry glory.

Matthew Williamson, Michael Kors, Nicole Miller, Peter Som, Rachel Comey

If fur makes you cross for any reason (financial, ethical, whatever...), here are some others you could try.
One for those who cultivate the Olsen homeless look courtesy of M&S, £20, Missoni did some nice ones too if you have some cash to splash;

For people unlike me (who don't crave cashmere and politically incorrect fabrics in their winter wear and who actually wear colour), there's a nice cobalt blue version at Dorothy Perkins for £12. I slightly hate Dorothy Perkins, but it's quite hard to go wrong with a bright blue snood in cold grey London.

Burberry appears to be doing a fairly strong line in snoods too - the one modelled here very obligingly by Net A Porter's in house model is £150 (but what is going on with that jumper???) - they also have a rather lovely grey chunky cable-knit one a rabbit fur one and various cashmere wool blends;

I'm sure there is something glib to say here about how fashion has cycles and what was down will come up, so take heart struggling designers. But really, I'm not sure that the come-back of the snood will be much consolation for all those talented, hard working people who have lost their extremely difficult to get in the first place jobs. Although if any of them have always dreamed of starting their own snood line, I can't think of a better time.

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