Saturday, 14 November 2009

A day off

Today is my day off from life. It is four o'clock in the afternoon and I am still wearing a dressing gown. I am not ill, or depressed, or anything really. Just needed a day with no obligations. Bliss...
The best thing about it is that outside it is cold and wet and extremely blustery. The perfect staying inside in your pyjamas day.
Through the TV haze of Gossip Girl, True Blood, Glee, American's Next Top Model and Ugly Betty, I have still found time to covet lovely things. Specifically things by ACNE and APC, my current fashion crushes. I can't help feeling that my life would be ever so marignally better if instead of a bobbly old blue fleece marks and spencers dressing gown I was lounging around in cashmere leggings and this;

Acne are so good at the comfy yet elegant and beautiful Sack, it sometimes makes me cry a little bit inside.

Very shortly, other people who live in this house will return, the peace will be broken and I will have to yield the TV remote. I may get dressed and go to a movie on my own, a rare treat indeed.
Later I am going to a party so I will need to look nice and actually have intelligable conversations. A large part of me is looking forward to it, but there's a little part that is doing a frighteningly impressive imitation of a whinging five year old that has been asked to tidy its room instead of playing Super Mario. Except instead of placating it with Haribo I will feed it new tan loafers from Cos. Nothing like new shoes to put a slightly-painful-because-they're-not-broken-in-yet-give-me-alcohol-now spring in your step.

Update -
Holy mother of Bill Compton they have it in cashmere... if only I had £505 to spare.

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  1. Also, I love how I actually only got out of bed three hours ago and it's already dark.