Saturday, 7 November 2009

Berlin shopping

So, today in Berlin was devoted pretty much entirely to shopping and playing Beasts of Berlin Bingo.
(for a full explanation go here)
We went to some fancy places full of lovely things and some less fancy places with the odd  gem to be found buried under piles of crap, also known as vintage shops.
(or thrift stores if you're American or affected)
Here's one of the nice fancy places.

BFN Concept Store (try that in a German accent - isn't it amazing???) is full of clothing a jewelery by local designers and it is all very covetable. But nothing really won my heart enough to part with the number of euros they ask for.
Rosenthaler Strasse, 40-41 Mitte.
And so it was one to the warehouse of amazingness, also known as Garage.
Ahornstrasse, 2, Schoneberg.

Here you can actually buy clothes by the kilo. No shit.
Apparently on Monday morning they have a happy hour, so it's even cheaper than the usual 14.99 euro per kilo.
The better stuff is mostly at the front of the store and a bit more pricey. But I still managed to find a shrunken dark grey cashmere jumper, flesh coloured vintage shirt with a cute almost peter-pan style collar and a bright yellow T-shirt designed for a German music school which is, frankly, ace.
This all came to just under 7 euros. Yup.
However, there is an awful lot of shit to go through to get to that point. Not reccomended for anyone squeamish about rummaging.
Here's EDF having a good dig through some accessories, still working the Berliner top-knot.
We trekked around town looking at other expensive shops, including the ACNE flagship store which was so lovely and eye wateringly expensive I wanted to sob.
And then we had one of those moments you only get when you're wandering around not really going anywhere. We found this...

What is this? you may ask. Or you would if you weren't already reading this over my shoulder (bit of an in-joke there for my most regular reader).
Why, it is an American Apparel rummage sale, where they put all their returned items from shops around Europe into cardboard boxes in their parking lot behind the regular shop for you to, yes, rummage through.
And it is the price that American Apparel should be ranging from 5 to 11 euros for the majority of items.
Lets just say we put back a lot more than we bought, but we bought enough to create essentially an entirely new wardrobe for EDF and make me rather happy.
Here are a couple of outfits put together from today's purchases.
Cashmere jumper, shirt - Garage.
Skirt - American Apparel rummage sale.
Tights - Falke
Shoes - Topshop
Vest - American Apparel rummage sale
Skirt - as above
Tights - ditto
Shoes - Office
I hate having my photo taken which is why my head does not normally appear in my own pictures.
But it is OK with sunglasses.

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