Monday, 16 November 2009

Confession of a sneaky shopper

Shopping with a friend can be nice. It can also be awful, which is why I am fairly careful about who I attempt to shop with. They must have stamina, patience and be honest, but not too brutal.
There are a couple of unwritten rules to shopping with a friend. The first is to never say 'yes, your bum does look like two rotten watermelons in a pair of satin effect tights' and the second is to never buy something your friend loves but cannot afford. Which is why I am a bad friend.
In Berlin LMWAI and I went into a very busy and actually slightly scary branch of Cos, where she fell in love with a pair of quite lovely loafers.
Cos is a funny shop - it's owned by H&M but has very high aspirations. There is lots of polished concrete and wood fittings and odd vases and it all looks a bit like it wishes it was still in Stockholm or Copenhagen or somewhere far cooler than where you are.
And the clothes, while lovely on the hanger, often fit funny and seem quite pricey for what they are. Plus the Regent Street branch never has anything nice left in your size.
But I still persist becasue I know that they do have lovely things. I've seen them on other people, in editorials and even in Cos' own well-executed magazine. And, as my friend pointed out so longingly, they do have nice loafers.
If I was looking to shirk the blame for my recent betrayal of shopping trust, I would blame JFK (the brilliant nickname that LMWAI came up with for the boyfriend). He made me go into the previousy unknown to me branch of Cos on Kensington High Street where he wanted to buy a coat. They had lots of nice things, there weren't crowds of people and they had everything, absolutely everything, in the right size. Including the aforementioned loafers which are considerably cheaper here in the UK than they were over the pond. 
Those loafers are now on my feet. I am paying penance with a nice collection of shiny blisters and very sore feet, but feel like this may be worth it as long as my friend doesn't hate me.

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  1. i might hate you. jury's still out.
    loafer despair. xoxo

    ps. someone had to have them.... it may as well be you.