Thursday, 5 November 2009

Here's what we did for Halloween chez Magpie

We love Halloween! My brother has the best evil laugh for when we open the door and the kids always look a bit shcoked. We had a huge bucket full of sweets, but there were disspointingly few trick or treaters this year. Next door took their kids somewhere else to trick or treat. Faor enough, if I was little I'd want to go to Hampstead, West hampstead and Hamsptead Garden Suburb - that's where the best treats are.
We had three pumpkins this year.

This one was my one.

This one became pumpkin pie the next day. It was the only really good pumpkin for cooking, bought from the farmer's market in Queen's Park. The other two were from Sainsburys and were pretty anaemic looking inside so not worth the effort to cook.
I also had a full set of fake nails done and painted them black. But didn't get it together enough for a costume.

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