Thursday, 3 December 2009

Not quite Christmas wish list entry number 5 - Mulberry for Apple

It is rare that a brand as soothing as Mulberry could make me cross (aside from being too expensive to be within my grasp). Mulberry makes the kind of products you just want to lovingly stroke, but would wash your hands first because you wouldn't want to leave any marks on the precious leathery goodness.
JFK is also a big fan of the Mulberry and has been lusting after the Mulberry Piccadilly in, of course, black. JFK pretty much only ever wears black. Once he wore a purple poloshirt. It wasn't good.
Anyway, the Piccadilly is prohibitively expensive. If I had almost £1000 to spare, I wouldn't be buying a bag for my boyfriend. I would blow the lot on Chanel.
However the lust-worthy item of choice that I was going to add to the wish list today is the far more affordable (well, relatively) Mulberry Daria Apple sleeve.

It's £350 and also available in bright and shiny patent pink.
There's a Bayswater version too, also £350, but unfortunately not in the classic colours (see below).
I would totally go for it in the lovely inky blue version though...

But I can't actually add this to my wish list, because Mulberry, in an astonishing act of sizeist sexism, has only made the women's Mulberry for Apple collection for 13" Mac laptops. And the men's collection is only available for the 15". I have a 15" Mac Powerbook. Why on earth Mulberry can't cater for women with a 15" laptop is beyond me and is actually making me a little bit cross. Even the special edition Bayswater is for a 13"er.
The men's Drew sleeve is quite nice, but it just doesn't have the same impact. It would definitely be on JFK's wishlist though, if he didn't want the Piccadilly more. Actually if he had the Piccadilly, I would be rather jealous. It's also exceedingly lustworthy.

But an eye-watering £895. Which I know isn't that much in the ridiculously overpriced world of designer bags, yet still more than I earn in a month after rent and phone bills etc...

The only Mulberry I currently own is a very battered old oak Bayswater, although I suppose that doesn't count as it is actually a rather good fake that was a gift from Dubai.Well before the current global craze for fake designer goods, my exceedingly stylish grandmother used to travel regularly to the Far East where she would commission amazingly accurate designer replicas. She chose the materials and the trimmings and knew exactly what she was doing.
But generally I don't condone the buying of fake designer goods. They are cheap and nasty. You get what you pay for. And they undermine the value of the real thing. So no fake 15" laptop sleeves for me. Either they start making the real thing or I'll just have to stick to my dull old black neoprene zip case.

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  1. Just bought the dark purple soft leather Daria which is gorgeous, and was told "oh you probably will be able to squeeze your 15" in there"...I thought I may as well try and but surprise surprise she was talking utter crap. So unfair :( I want to use it!!