Saturday, 5 December 2009

Back to the future - the 80s attack and Yves Saint Laurent

So, last night was Miss L Trouble's 24th birthday party. It was messy. And it was 80s themed.
I know they've been a bit overdone recently, but I honestly believe a fancy dress party is better than any other kind. Especially when you have friends you know will make an effort. L and her partner in dressing up crime LMWAI have a solid gold reputation for being able to pull off a fancy dress event - they used to run regular themed club nights under the soubriquet The Dolly Rockers Club and still dj together. So L knew from past experience that her friends had some fancy dress pedigree already, which always helps.
Proper fancy dress does not involve wearing the sluttiest version of a uniform you can find. It demands a bit of imaginative thinking. But it also doesn't have to mean looking like a state.
It helps that the 80's have been a huge reference in fashion for the last few years, so most fashion-savvy girls - and even a few boys - will have something suitable around which to build a full outfit. However, I was thoroughly impressed by some of last nights efforts, although many of them reminded me why the 80s fashion comeback wasn't necessarily such a good thing;

Check out the gingham espadrille Louboutins with the red tights. Amazing.
Ever aware of the 'taste level' (thanks for that one Heidi Klum and Michael Kors), I scrapped my original plan to go as Princess Di. To be honest this had a lot to do with the beautiful 80s Yves Saint Laurent jacket I found in a charity shop earlier in the day and was desperate to wear, but the lack of blonde wig was making the Diana look difficult.
The jacket is truly a masterpiece. Black, subtly quilted with a metallic thread detail and big diamante buttons. It's a great shape as well - very structured with a central panel that curves out at the bottom to accommodate the pockets plus it is also in possession of some serious shoulders. It's a complete classic and worth every single one of the fifty pounds I had to spend to own it.

I went for the yuppie city PA look with some serious blusher, an authentic 80s shade of Guerlain red lipstick, tan coloured tights, mum's big gold dome clip on earrings, a cream neck scarf, very high heels and a high waisted black boucle skirt with seed pearl trim on the pockets.

Here's Chris wearing my jacket and looking better in it than I do, although to be fair he's a former Burberry model so it's hardly surprising. I'm actually working LMWAI's Maxmara quite nicely I think.

Today I had to go back to hell to get my computer serviced, which isn't nice with an 80s hangover.
I'm now recovering by watching Beverley Hills Cop on the rather terrifying Sky Christmas movie channel and shall be retreating back to Fashion TV at the soonest possible opportunity (i.e. when the person in charge of the remote control leaves the room). So much for checking out the Sonia Rykiel for H&M today...

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