Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A few last words

So the packing panic is over, the bags are full to bursting and I, with my effortless sense of timing, have lost my voice. My chest feels like it is full of tiny little burny things that get excited when I breathe in. On the plus side, this time on Friday I will be in Goa.
I'm afraid I have no idea what my access to the internet will be like, so cannot promise to be a regular blogger until my return at the end of December. Please bear with me.
In the meantime there are three things you need to know.

1 - The Sonia Rykiel for H&M lingerie is actually as good as it looks in the ads. I loved it, which marks a first for me and highstreet/designer collaborations. Just wish I'd got there earlier when they still had my size left in the things I wanted. I bought two lovely translucent loose-fitting silk chiffon vests, one in a pinky shade of nude and the other in black, which I will layer over each other or wear over my bikini.

2 - This is good;

(Tra Tutti Coco Chanel-O-Mouse, $39.99, via LibertyLondonGirl)

3 - My favourite blogger Belgian Waffle will be selling rude biscuits at the Bust craftacular this weekend. I am beyond sad that I won't be able to attend and purchase baked goods that insult me, but not sad enough to miss out on Goa I am afraid. However, if you are in London, please go and say hello from me.

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