Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Quote of the week - courtesy of the Dior press office

So, it's couture week. Emotions are running high. Chanel reconfirms its greatness. Galliano proves once again that he is "wacky" and "eccentric" but still capable of creating beautiful covetable and wearable pieces. And someone has a hissy fit.

This year's hissy fit comes from Armani who is upset that Galliano (allegedly) moved the scheduling of the Dior show and messed with the timing of the Armani show. Quell horreur. As my friend over on Layers and Swathes has mentioned before, Armani is verging on becoming irrelevant now, even though this is only his first showing at Paris couture.

The point of bringing this up is to illustrate just how perfectly catty the French can be when it comes to, well, anything really, but especially all things fashion related. I really love them for this, although I wouldn't want to live or work full time in that kind of atmosphere - far too much pressure.

The Dior reps' response to Armani's whinging? "We think it's not elegant to comment."

The other thing that has been cheering me up today, and boy do I need some cheering, is the return of Osman Nosse's A Cat is a Cat, one of my favourite blogs of all time. I'm not going to explain what Nosse does, I'm going to show you instead. Here is his post from today;

I emailed him to ask if it would be ok to repost his work on my blog and got this response - "bloody hell I thought that email was from Anna Wintour and I was going to get 'got' for mocking YSL." (Note, this is funnier if you know my real name.)

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