Friday, 29 January 2010

Perfect gift

Please note - if you have just broken up with someone or feel intensely resentful towards your partner for never buying anything nice for you, stop reading now as this post is mostly about how great my boyfriend has been recently.
Not that he isn't great anyway, but you know how after you've been together for a while things just get comfortable rather than exciting. You fall into a routine (in our case this mostly consisted of many evenings spent in Japanese restaurants, me getting up a good hour before him to go to work and then him getting resentful when I pass out in front of Family Guy and save my best shoes for going out to see EDF dj). But things in general have been pretty good. JFK dresses well, he smells good and he occasionally says nice things to me. He is supportive and snaps me out of feeling sorry for myself when I need it. He thinks I'm clever. Suffice to say, I love him rather a lot more than I thought was possible.
Over the last few months he has stood by me through my medical issues and made me feel better when I come home miserable from work.
Most recently though, we have both been having rather a rubbish time and it has really made us appreciate having each other all over again.
I get butterflies when we touch.
And then he goes and gives me this, which obviously I deserve for being generally great and paying for dinner rather often, but is never the less a perfect example of how great he is. Firstly, it's Alex Monroe, and I think we have established that I am a bit of a Monroe fan. Secondly it fit perfectly, which is pretty amazing because I never wear rings so how on earth he worked out my ring size I don't know. Thirdly, he can't really afford it which makes it even more of a grand gesture. And fourthly, isn't it just beautiful? I can't stop looking at my hands when I'm wearing it (although mine is silver and I wear it the other way round - is that bad luck?).

For any male readers there are many lessons to be learnt from this story. A beautiful ring doesn't have to be saved for engagements and weddings and that presents are best when they come in a purple Liberty bag and outside of the usual present giving trilogy of birthday, anniversary and christmas. Although those are still important.

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