Monday, 23 August 2010

The Yard Sale

So on Saturday I stayed up until four in the morning eating cake batter, drinking Sainsbury's own house red which had a rather unusual hint of the white spirit about it, and watching zombie movies to stay awake.
This, it turns out, is a pretty good recipe for a hangover.
Luckily, it was all for a good cause - the very lovely Susie Bubble's Yard Sale. I turned up more than a little late - around midday - and feeling a bit fragile but with a wicker picnick basket full of cake and biscuits which seemed to go down well. Unfortunately I missed msot of the best clothes, but the presence of Ferry the Ferrett, some amazing chicken satay and meeting some of the UK's most interesting fashion bloggers was compensation enough. And it managed not to rain the entire time I was there, whcih was relief.
As ever, where there are fashion bloggers there are amazing outfits and also rather a lot of cameras so I'm sure this is just one of many picture posts, but never mind...
Susie's done a proper write up, which helps as I don't know who anyone was and she does.


  1. That's me in the polka dots! Thank you so much for making those lush cakes, Nadia and I were massive fans. Sorry I didn't get to properly introduce myself!


  2. Hi! Glad you liked the cakes - i think the chocolate one is particularly yum but it has got alcohol in it which helps.
    I suffer from rather chronic social awkwardness so it was probably my fault for not coming and introducing myself. Hope you had a good time!

  3. I am so annoyed at myself that I missed out on this by just a few days! All of the bloggers that were there seem to have such great clothes and an individual sense of style, and if you ever decide to have another year sale, I will gladly come along!

    Abi X

  4. Fab cakes thank you!!!!

    So you're a fellow HB-er, you must have know my friend Winnie Chan in the sixth form?

  5. Hope you had a successful day!

    Hmmm, I have to admit that the name doesn't seem all that familiar but it feels like it should be. I don't remember the names of a lot of the girls who joined in sixth form because I have a seive instead of a brain.