Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Lunch Break

That rarest of things, a proper lunch break on a sunny day! Lovely. Of course, for someone with no money working in a grey, grey building of doom in Southwark, the logical thing was to go to the sadly diminished Borough Market to try things for free...

Hopefully after all the building work on London Bridge station is over Borough will be restored to something like its former glory, because it really is a joyful place to be. Aside from all the tourists who get in your way obviously. And all the idiots like me who only want to try things for free and take pictures of signs.

As an aside, what do we feel about the idea of tattooing stocking seams directly onto your legs? I am both repulsed and impressed - it's a real commitment to easy dressing but she might have wanted to find a tattooist with a steadier hand.

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