Thursday, 27 May 2010

Objects of desire - Mulberry

Before Christmas I posted about how I was cross at Mulberry for being all sexist with the sizing of its Mac book covers. But now all is, almost, forgiven. Why? Well...

These lovely new bags are known as The Neely, come in red, black and nude and are Mulberry's latest offering. For me they tick all the boxes right now; practical straps, simple shape, proper anti-tube-pickpocket clasp, beautiful coloured leather, not too 'it', completely unaffordable (£450 in case you were wondering. The kind of price that makes me cry into my newspaper, along with the smell of anything containing sugar thanks to this ridiculous attempt at eating only protein having read about the Dukan diet in Grazia - today was going well until I found an untouched bag of coconut marshmallows left over form South Africa) and make me a little bit drooly. Yes, I am easily swayed but I refuse to apologise for it this time. 

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