Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Quote of the week - Anna Dello Russo

The fashion director at large for Vogue Nippon is a serious collector of high fashion. She's among the few who eschew make-up, focusing solely on the clothes, and for me she's up there with Daphne Guiness as one of those rare creatures who can really pull off head-to-toe catwalk looks of the most avant garde order.

But life isn't easy for a serious fashion collector. For serious fashion, just like serious wine, serious books and serious art, needs to be stored properly. It can get pretty intimidating, especially if you start buying voluminous couture dresses that weigh more than a whole creche of children or delicate furs, raw silks and hand painted fabrics.

And so this quote of the week is dedicated to anyone that has to live with Anna Dello Russo. Brrrrrrr.

"Collecting clothes is complicated because the clothes need a space and the right temperature. You really destroy clothes if you leave it there, no? It’s dusty, it’s hot — it ruins the clothes. It’s so freezing in my house! The clothes need to be cold . . . no more than 15 degrees Celsius." Anna Dello Russo via Fashionlogie.

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